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All Wagner-EWAR products are manufactured exclusively from high-quality nickel-chrome steel, at least AISI 304. This is the ideal material for durable and especially hygienic products. The products have antibacterial properties and can be disinfected, this is an essential advantage.
The products are satin-finished and brushed.

The timeless designs make Wagner-EWAR’s products suitable for years of use.

Solutions for any space

The products are user-friendly, hygienic and equipped with anti-theft protection. In addition, the products require low maintenance. They are therefore very suitable for public washrooms such as airports, stadiums, universities, etc.
In addition, the products are also very suitable for offices due to the timeless designs and space-saving solutions.
Wagner-EWAR provides a large range of products that can be integrated to save space without compromising functionality. There are space-saving solutions such as mounting under sink tops or behind mirrors.


The products have a Duplo coating; they are satin-finished and also brushed – the optimal process for a maintenance-free, hygienic surface.
In addition, many products are also available with a polished surface, or powder-coated in almost any RAL color.

Anything you want to make sure your interior design meets your needs.


Installation of the products is easy and time-saving. Attachments are mostly invisible and equipped with anti-theft security. Mounting materials are included. It is possible to order matching mounting sets for support brackets and hinged support brackets, depending on the structure of the wall.
There are many options for mounting. Surface-mounted products are easy to install in building renovations. The advantage is that the stainless steel housing reflects the colors of the surroundings.
The use of recessed products is especially easy in new construction projects. The frame disappears completely or partially into the wall, saving space and requiring less cleaning work. The front plates of the housing, attached with screws, can be easily replaced.
Mounting in cabinets/behind mirrors
This makes it possible to apply “invisible” solutions. It is advisable to apply concealed mounting in public toilet areas. The self-adhesive pictograms provided indicate the location of the dispensers.

Individually designed sinks offer plenty of room for integrating our built-in models. This creates very ornate sink spaces. The optional wall or floor brackets allow you to renovate the units.

Cost savings

Many of the soap dispensers and towel dispensers are delivered filled. After delivery, you can continue to save money by continuing to order the very economical and appropriate refillsĀ in our webshop.


The A-Line is the most comprehensive product line with a timeless, clean style and manufactured with high-quality craftsmanship. A-line products are finished with fully welded edges and practically invisible closures. This ensures optimum hygiene, making this line suitable for any washroom.


The hallmark of the P-Line’s design are the rounded corners of the housing. Unlike the A-Line, the items are not fully welded, but have spot welds. The P-Line is well suited for sanitary areas in price-sensitive projects.


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