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Wagner-Ewar P-Line

Proven Wagner-EWAR quality in slightly simplified production

The hallmark of the design of the Wagner-Ewar P-Line are the rounded corners of the housing. Unlike the A-Line, the items are not fully welded, but have spot welds. The Wagner-Ewar P-Line is suitable for restrooms and toilets in price-sensitive projects.

Lower price, high quality

P-Line products are made exclusively of AISI 304 or higher grade stainless steel. For optimum hygiene, the visible surfaces are ground with a Duplo surface and additionally brushed. All individual parts are mechanically deburred to guarantee the user a high degree of safety when using and refilling consumables. Lockable products are equipped with simultaneously locking metal cylinder locks. Design feature: Housing edges with 10 radius.


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Wagner-Ewar P-Line


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