Dyson Solarcycle Morph™


Dyson Solarcycle Morph™

We brengen tot wel 90% van onze tijd binnenshuis door. Slechte verlichting kan van invloed zijn op ons gezichtsvermogen en zelfs op ons welzijn.

“Our bodies can be affected by the changing spectrum of color and brightness of daylight. That’s why our new lamp adapts to the daylight in your location.”

Jake Dyson, chief engineer

Key Technology

Lighting quality that remains constant for decades

Without proper cooling, LED lamps can quickly overheat, causing fading and discoloration. The Dyson Solarcycle™ task lamp uses cooling tube technology to efficiently cool the LEDs, keeping light quality constant for 60 years. This allows for reliable color and brightness adjustments. Life of LEDs calculated from L70 measurement according to IEC 62717, with an estimated usage of 8 hours per day. Actual results may vary.

Intelligent optical unit. Converts data into dynamic light.

A 32-bit microprocessor continuously interprets daylight data and transmits it to the optical control unit for dynamic color matching. The three warm and three cool LEDs mimic the color temperature of daylight from 2700-6500 Kelvin. And with a color rendering index of more than 90, colors look almost the same as in daylight.

Additional features

Adjusts brightness automatically for your age

As we age, our eye muscles get weaker and the lenses get harder. Therefore, we need up to four times more light. The Dyson Solarcycle™ task lamp automatically adjusts to provide the recommended brightness for your age.

Adapts intelligently to your life

Light personalized to you is possible thanks to the Dyson Link app.⁴ This app constantly communicates with the lamp to adjust the light to your location and daily routine.

Automatically adjusts to ambient light

Ambient light sensor responds to changes in backlighting to maintain constant brightness in the room.

Magnetic touch-glide charging station

With one gentle motion, the optical head snaps into the leg and creates a pleasant glow for a relaxing evening.

Slide touch’ buttons

Sliders for dimming and color temperature let you control the light you want.

Integrated USB-C charger

Provides a convenient charging point for wherever you use the lamp in your home.

Precision mode

Provides better visual acuity by emitting a beam of high-intensity light.A CRI (Color Rendering Index) of over 90 means that colors look approximately like daylight.

Study stand

The Solarcycle Morph™ lamp exceeds recommended light levels for studying and adjusts the color temperature relative to daylight.

Relax mode

Provides relaxing lighting that is still bright enough for reading at night.

Wake-up mode

Set the lamp to turn on and gradually get brighter to wake up more naturally.

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