Installation and maintenance

Assembly service

As a project designer, we draw up a complete plan in consultation with you and/or your installer and architect. Your wishes regarding functionality and design are the starting point. Thanks to our wide range of products, we can always achieve unity of appearance. Experienced fitters ensure professional installation.

VCA certified

CitroenAir cooperates with an assembly company. These mechanics are VCA certified. All projects and activities are carried out according to the safety procedures laid down in the VCA manual, which describes all aspects of VGM (Safety, Health and Environment). These procedures are designed to guarantee safety during the work.

Conditions for mounting and dismounting dispensers

  • All work orders must bear the customer’s name and signature.
  • When we drill, we ensure that almost no drilling residue is left behind.
  • Drill times in consultation with customer.
  • If we encounter asbestos, we stop the work and report it to the client. In consultation with the customer, a plan of action is made for the removal of the asbestos. This of course at extra cost.
    All old holes, which become visible by dismantling and assembling new dispensers, are repaired within reason.
  • Major damage that becomes visible by disassembling old dispensers are at the customer’s expense.
  • Damage caused by incorrect assembly, if attributable to us, shall be at our expense within reason.

Plan of action for assembly

  • All assemblies are done in consultation with the customer.
  • As soon as the order is received, an appointment is made with the customer. (max. 14 days)
  • On instructions with the customer, we discuss when and where the mechanic should begin work.
  • Department by department is finished and left clean.
  • Any problems, which arise during the work, will be discussed with the customer.
  • The dismantled (old) dispensers are placed at a location in consultation with the customer.
  • Disposal of disassembled dispensers or waste to a landfill can be arranged at an additional cost, if necessary.
  • Trash is deposited in the designated trash can.
  • Disposal of waste 0.25 euros p/article and disassembled items and waste 0.50 euros p/article.

Self-assembly or by your installer?

Our products are delivered complete and ready to use in the protective packaging. Most dispensers are easy to assemble by yourself. Assembly templates and (user) instructions are located in the product’s outer packaging.

We also supply the consumables, such as folding towels and toilet rolls. In this respect, you remain free in your choice of supplier. As a project designer, you have no (contractual) purchase obligations from us.

Cost project assembly by CitroenAir

Price for project assembly is upon request.

On-site assembly and or disassembly of a hand dryer

The premise here is that the customer will provide a power point (preferably wall outlet) at the place where the hand dryer will hang, about 3 meters away from the hand dryer. And additionally for the Wash+Dry hand dryer faucets there should be a stopcock.

On subsequent calculation hourly rate €38,00 euro
€ 55,00 euro stop fee per delivery address.
Excl. small material (possibly cord, cable duct,plug, water hose etc) (average 15 euro p/machine).

Maintenance Dyson Airblade™

The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer requires little to no maintenance beyond daily cleaning of the machine.

Still, the Dyson HEPA filter needs attention especially with heavy use. Because the Dyson Airblade™ draws in the air from below (where the HEPA filter is located), this also attracts dust particles/contaminants. The advice is to remove this dirt and dust residue from the HEPA filter once a year (depending on use). This is to maintain speed of drying and the life of the motor.