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Thus, our products in the new color charcoal unfold their effect in space. 🌿🖤Surrounded by the elements of nature, we feel grounded and return to origin. Deep breathing. Enjoy a moment of clarity and calmness.

Rediscover originality

The purpose
A reinterpretation of black, coupled with excellent properties for semi-public restrooms.

The result
Cut stainless steel refined in the PVD process in the color Charcoal. In perfect harmony with charred Yakisugi wood.

Behind the scenes

A lot has changed at PROOX since the company was founded in 2010. But one thing has remained the same. The commitment to innovation.

From the world’s first black metal dispenser series, to the first hidden line ZERO in the global market, to digital innovations such as our 360 degree views, augmented reality implementation in our virtual reality world.

Together, we work passionately every day to meet the future needs of architecture.

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PROOX PVD Charcoal


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