Bobrick B-820 automatic multi-feed soap dispensing system for high-traffic projects/facilities now available

Brands 23 December 2022 CitroenAir

The new automatic multi-feed soap dispensing system designed for busy buildings. The top-fill, high-capacity soap reservoir feeds up to six automatic foam or liquid soap dispensers and offers the following benefits:

  • Labor savings: The multi-feed soap reservoir eliminates frequent refilling of individual dispensers. In addition, the low soap level indicator on the filler neck alerts staff when a refill is needed, so the company does not have to look under the counter or risk running out of soap.
  • Soap savings: Uses non-branded bulk soap for significant cost savings of 80% or more over branded cartridges.
  • Touch-free: Electronic activation reduces the risk of cross-contamination for customers.

Designed for busy facilities, the automatic Multi-Feed Soap Dispensing System from Bobrick feeds up to six automatic foam or liquid hand soap dispensers. The top-fillable Multi-Feed Soap Reservoir has a 6-liter tank, eliminating the need to refill dispensers frequently, reducing maintenance time and costs; Uses bulk soap for significant cost savings of 80% or more over proprietary cartridges; Makes maintenance easy with LED indicators on the fill port, so maintenance knows when maintenance is needed.

The touch-free sensor of the automatic soap dispenser reduces the risk of cross-contamination for the customer and is available for foam – or liquid hand soap; polished chrome, 304 stainless steel spout, reflects design continuity with other toilet accessories and plumbing fixtures.

Select the reservoir and then foam soap or liquid hand soap.

B-820 Multi-Feed Soap Container and
B-820-248 foam soap dispenser or
B-820-258 liquid hand soap dispenser

Powered by a 6V AC adapter included with each Multi-Feed Soap Reservoir and Soap Dispenser. Optional battery available, order part no. 824-241. For outlets not compatible with American plugs, order part no. 3974-58.

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Learn more about the Automatic Multi Feed Soap Dispensing System in this brochure.


Bobrick Automatic multi-feed soap dispensing system


For more information on mounting the automatic multi-feed soap dispensing system, see this PDF.


Instructions for installing Bobrick B-820

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