SanTRAL Plus SMART maakt facility management eenvoudig

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Flexible. Reliable. Digital. Benefit from the advantages of digital monitoring with connected dispensers.

So simple.
So efficient.
So smart.

SanTRAL® Plus SMART makes facility management easy: The networked dispensers provide you with information about fill level and battery level around the clock. With the connection to our Kanary service or a third-party system, you not only make hygiene transparent, but also benefit from satisfied guests.

Stay in the know.

The smart dispensers of the SanTRAL® Plus series send data about fill level and battery level and much more via app.

Refill when you need to.

When a dispenser is close to being empty, a task is automatically created on the cleaner’s smartphone or tablet. Once the dispenser is filled, the task is automatically marked as completed without the cleaner needing to input anything.

Achieve 100% uptime.

By accurately knowing and meeting demand in realtime, you can know that each guest always has the products they need.

Efficient staffing.

With dynamic tasks that respond to realtime needs—instead of static, scheduled ones—you can achieve results that would otherwise need more staff.



Optimize order cycles.

With SanTRAL® Plus SMART you know what is being consumer. You can optimize your ordering cycles based on this data.

Software Installation.

Even the installation is smart. Once your dispensers are mounted on the wall and connected to the internet, you can begin monitoring. Simply launch the Kanary web app or one of our partner apps on your devices, and the data will start flowing to your phone, tablet, or computer.

SanTRAL® Plus. Retrofit for a king.

Do you already own the SanTRAL® Plus series? You can easily retrofit your dispensers. Purchase the Smart Retrofit Kit for your dispensers and start benefitting from its smart features.

Know the true state of every washroom.

Offer area-wide infection protection. Connect your dispensers to Kanary and benefit from real-time fill level and battery level data. With this new bird-eyes view, facility management has never been so easy.

Simple. Safe. SanTRAL® Plus SMART.

HTTPS/TLS encrypted.

Your data stays your data. All devices are HTTPS/TLS encrypted, so that third parties have no chance of accessing the data.

As easy as N-F-C.

Introducing three-second NFC installations. To setup your dispenser, all you need to do is hold your smartphone at the designated spot.

LTE – Plug & Play.

With our LTE solution, you can get a stable connection with secure data transmission regardless of your internal network. Simply plug in our router and you will have a secure connection!

Over-the-air firmware updates.

Say good-bye to manually updating. Our smart dispensers receive firmware updates automatically from the cloud in the background.


Which products are available from the SanTRAL® Plus range?

The SanTRAL® Plus series offers you the complete package for your washroom. The product range includes universal dispensers for different products, dispensers for paper towels with different mechanisms, waste bins for both used paper towels and hygienic waste, dispensers for toilet paper and toilet brushes.

Are SanTRAL® Plus dispensers only available as SMART version?

No, the dispensers can also be used as non-SMART dispensers. The dispensers can also be purchased as Smart Ready so they can become SMART later.

Can I retrofit SanTRAL Plus dispensers to become SMART?

Yes, with the purchase of Smart Retrofit Kits, the dispensers can be retrofitted quickly and easily. The Smart Retrofit Kits can be purchased separately at a later date.

How can I buy a Kanary licence?

You can purchase the license for our facility management program from us, contact us and we will help you set it up. Email your request to

How well is my data protected when I use a connected dispenser?

The dispensers have the highest security standards for wireless transmission. With TLS/HTTPS encryption, your data is maximally protected.


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