Franke FAID0003 Pull-rod operated emergency shower

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  • EAN code: 7612982217012
  • Series: FAID0003
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Pull-rod operated emergency shower, surface mounting near the door, with water supply from ceiling and operation right or water supply from left or right and operation left or right near the exit. Valve with wall bracket and emergency showerhead over the middle of the door. Non-self-closing, the water flow is stopped by pushing up the pull rod, green EPS coating (RAL 6032), complies with EN 15154, Part 1. Includes the "emergency shower" safety symbol on an adhesive label in compliance with ISO 3864, Part 1. Volumetric flow rate approx. 65 l/min at 1 bar pressure, approx. 110 l/min at 3 bar pressure, water connection G 3/4.

Volume flow rate at 3 bar 1.83 liter per second
Spout projection 588.00 mm
Type of fitting To doors
Type of connection Pipe connection

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