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CitroenAir supplies all kinds of accessories for the installation of sanitary facilities. As an importer and distributor, we sell a unique collection of well-known and lesser well-known brands. We help architects and contractors bring about their joint goal: to deliver a successful project. That's what we mean by Hygiene ideas come true. We bring together the world of dreams and reality, and conceptualisation and realisation.

Are you an architect?

If you are an architect, you have a yearning to see your design effectuated in its purest form. This is for the simple reason that, at some point, the merits of any design have to yield to numerous concessions. At CitroenAir, we see it as our task to put your ideas into practice. So how do we do this?

  • By providing inspirational, but nevertheless practicable solutions.
  • By providing ready-made product information for your drawings and specifications.
  • By delivering customised solutions when required. Your client will not be the first for whom we have adapted sanitary accessories for functional and aesthetic purposes.
  • By providing maximum support to the contractors concerned.

Are you a contractor?

As an importer and distributor, we supply contractors first and foremost. Streamlined project implementation is central to our work. In fact we play a vital role in helping you - the contractor - to put the ideas of the architect into practice. For all manner of practical, technical and financial reasons, concessions may have to be made. Our job is to connect the interests of you and your client with those of the architect. Bearing in mind the objectives of the original design, we give you maximum support.

  • At the calculation and work planning stages, we help translate the underlying essentials into the right products. We also supply the required specifications.
  • As part of the scheduling, our fast and prompt delivery - often from stock - provides the basis for our reliability.
  • At the installation stage, we provide the necessary instructions or - if required - we can take care of the installation ourselves in full.
  • If necessary, we can provide customised product solutions for specific projects.

Are you an end-user?

As an importer and distributor, we not only help architects and contractors in the installation of sanitary facilities, but end-users too. For example, we supply sanitary accessories to schools, offices, industrial concerns, health-care institutions, hotels & catering establishments and public buildings. Sometimes, the emphasis is on design, which means the identity of the organisation is evident right down to the last detail. At other times, the preconditions are defined by the functional and hygiene requirements. In every case, we ensure that your ambitions are realised.

Hygiene ideas come true.

We bring together the world of dreams and reality, and conceptualisation and realisation. Amongst other things, we do this by: Inspiring you with our diverse range of products. By helping you find practical and easy-to-read product information on this website.

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