About Us

The unifying element

For longer than 60 years, CitroenAir has been the unifying element, between architect and contractor, between dreams and reality. We are the link between quality brands and the market. It was Mr Citroen – to whom we are indebted for the name of the company – who laid the foundations of the business in 1954. From that moment on, the import of products was the core activity of the company. In the nineties, we started trading under the name of CitroenAir, importing sanitary products from all corners of the globe.

Different role

Our role continued to evolve. Over the last few years, an increasing number of organisations have been coming to us for advice - at every stage of the project process. Whether it's to give inspiration to an architect, turn a design concept into a design product, or to install accessories, our specialists have the ideas and know-how at their disposal. Part of this ongoing development included the opening of a new showroom in Veenendaal in 2009.

So, over the course of 60 years, we find ourselves where we are now.

CitroenAir Hygiene ideas come true

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